CPAs are trusted financial advisors who help business and other organizations plan and reach their financial goals. They are qualified to handle wide variety of business functions including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Financial Director as well as consultancy roles.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA USA)

❖ U.S. Certification
❖ Highly Recognized Around the Globe
❖ Migration benefits (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
❖ 4 Examinations (Computer Based)
❖ Examination Centers: India, UAE & Others
❖ Opportunities in Multinational Companies & Big 4 Audit Firms
❖ Completion Time: 18/30 months

Global CPA Recognition

❖ CPA is a professional certification from United States of America and professional pride for finance     professionals.
❖ CPA is recognized in the job markets through out the world and in multinational corporations.
❖ CPA qualification is mutually recognized by professional institutes in Canada, Australia, New Zealand,     Ireland, Hong Kong, Mexico and Scotland.
❖ This will ease up the migration to other countries.

Examination Conducted By

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

Certification Issued By:

State Board of Accountancy from applicable State on attaining the following 3 E’s
Education : 120/150 semester hours of education
Examination : Pass the Uniform CPA Examination
Experience : Requirements vary state by state. Some states recognize private experience outside of the USA.


M.Com / M.B.A / CMA / CA are eligible. B.A./ BBA / B.SC graduates (4 years) and B.Com with accounting subjects are eligible, subject to conditions.

Why CPA?

CPA will provide you with multiple benefits in your personal and professional growth.

Examination Center

Prometric centers in India, Bahrain, Brazil, Egypt, England, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nepal, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, United Arab Emirates – Subject to conditions.

CPA Exam Syllabus

Core Exams (All Compulsory)

Content Area Allocation
Area I Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and General Principles 15–25%
Area II Assessing Risk and Developing a Planned Response 25–35%
Area III Performing Further Procedures and Obtaining Evidence 30–40%
Area IV Forming Conclusions and Reporting 10–20%
Content Area Allocation
Area I Financial Reporting 30-40%
Area II Select Balance Sheet Accounts 30–40%
Area III Select Transactions 20–30%
Content Area Allocation
Area I Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and Federal Tax Procedures 10–20%
Area II Business Law 15–25%
Area III Federal Taxation of Property Transactions 5–15%
Area IV Federal Taxation of Individuals 22–32%
Area V Federal Taxation of Entities (including tax preparation) 23–33%

Discipline Exams (Select only one Discipline)

Content Area Allocation
Area I Business Analysis 40-50%
Area II Technical Accounting and Reporting 35-45%
Area III State and Local Governments 10–20%
Content Area Allocation
Area I Information Systems and Data Management 35-45%
Area II Security, Confidentiality and Privacy 35-45%
Area III Considerations for System and Organization Controls (SOC) Engagements 15-25%
Content Area Allocation
Area I Tax Compliance and Planning for Individuals and Personal Financial Planning 30-40%
Area II Entity Tax Compliance 30-40%
Area III Entity Tax Planning 10-20%
Area IV Property Transactions (disposition of assets) 10-20%


Minimum Passing Mark

Passing grade for each section – 75%

Credits for passed papers are available for 18/30 months (vary as per state)

Minimum Experience

Not required in some states for getting CPA designation (2 tier states)

Required for licensing and differs from state to state

Our Services Include:

▪ Study Guide
▪ Test-bank
▪ Emerge Mock Exams
▪ E-Group Membership
▪ U.S. Certified Instructor
▪ Instructor’s Notes

▪ Evaluation Assistance (State & Evaluation Agency)
▪ Exam Registration / Scheduling Assistance
▪ In Person or Live Interactive Online Class
▪ Continuous Progress Assessment (Homework)
▪ Highest Passing Rate in the Middle East
▪ Support of Instructor Until Passing the Exam

Examination Format:

Section Section Time Multiple-choice Task-based simulations
AUD-Core 4 hours 78 7
FAR – Core 4 hours 50 7
REG – Core 4 hours 72 8
BAR – Discipline 4 hours 50 7
ISC – Discipline 4 hours 82 6
TCP – Discipline 4 hours 68 7

MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions TBS – Task Based Simulation

Evaluation Fee – 300$ to 400$ approx.
Exam Fee Each Paper – 650$ to 750$ approx.

FREE Eligibility Check

Email us all your Mark Sheets / Transcripts and Certificates

A CPA is a designation provided for professional accountant who has met specific education, experience, and examination requirements set forth by the state boards of accountancy in the United States.
To become a licensed CPA, you must meet the education requirements, pass the Uniform CPA Examination® (CPA Exam), gain relevant work experience, and fulfill any additional state-specific requirements.
Eligibility requirements vary by state but generally include completing a bachelor's degree with a concentration in accounting, finance, or a related field, and fulfilling specific accounting and business credit hours.
In 2024, the CPA Evolution Exam will include three Core exams - Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), and Taxation and Regulation (REG). And one Discipline exam. Candidates can choose from three options: Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR), Information Systems and Controls (ISC), or Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP).
Becoming a CPA can lead to increased job opportunities, higher earning potential, professional credibility, and opportunities for career advancement in accounting and finance fields.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Class Schedule:
Every Sunday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


“With commitment, persistence, and unwavering pursuit of your goal, one may realize their aspiration of becoming a CPA. Emerge has always and will be my academic family. Sir Hari has been instrumental in my professional certification journeys, and he will continue to be so as a mentor and more. Finishing the CPA in 10 months on the same timeline of taking the review course (along with work) is not an easy task. But with the correct guidance from Emerge family, nothing is impossible. Trust in their process and success will be in your hands and emerge a winner."

John Ivan Villanueva, CIA, CMA, CPA
Finance Manager


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